News; American Pie The Full Reveal (7 Disc) Gift Idea

Published: Tuesday 12 March, 2013

American Pie: The first piece of the 'Pie' brings together all the ingredients for a great DVD. Featuring Commentary by Director, Writer and Cast, deleted scenes & a Weitz brothers interview. AMERICAN PIE takes a hysterical look at the goal of Jim, Oz, Kevin and Finch, four "unlucky in love" high school friends who make the ultimate pact: lose their virginity by prom night. As they try to manipulate their way into the... hearts of some of their classmates, their plans often backfire with holarity. Sit back and follow the raging hormones of the boys and their girls as they gear up for the most important night of their lives.... the prom?
BONUS FEATURES: Featurette - Spotlight on Location - Audio Commentary by P. Weitz (Director), A Herz (Writer) - Outtakes - Production Notes - Biographies - Cast & Crew - Theatrical Trailer

AMERICAN PIE 2 Here's the pie you couldn't see in cinemas! This special unseen edition of AMERICAN PIE 2 is the comedy hit you'll want to watch again and again! The characters you love are back! One year after the prom-night misadventures immortalized in AMERICAN PIE, the entire gang has reunited for the summer. Now, an innocent looking beach house will be transformed into the ultimate party-central. Five guys will discover the powerful bonds of friendship... and Super Glue. Five girls will explore the mysteries of love... and the Rule of Three. And from late-night band camp encounters to some very accommodating next-door neighbors, this will be the summer vacation none of them will ever forget! BONUS FEATURES The baking of AP2 - Feature Commentary by Director, Writer & Cast (J Biggs, M Suvari, TIJ Nicolas, EK Thomas) - Outtakes - Deleted Scenes - Cast & Filmmakers - Classic Quotes - Your Favourite Piece of Pie - 3 Doors Down Music Video - Music Highlights - Theatrical Trailer - Production Notes.

AMERICAN PIE - THE WEDDING This time they're going all the way... The outrageous characters loved by audiences the world over reunite one more time for a very special occasion: AMERICAN PIE - THE WEDDING. Jim and Michelle are getting married... Stifler is planning a bachelor party, and of course, Jom's Dad is always on hand with his fantastic fatherly advice... The AMERICAN PIE posse return with the unmistakable blend of excruciating embarrassment and hysterical humour. So if you want to learn what NOT to do on a night out in a gay bar, to hear why sex with granny is NEVER a good thing, and why pubic hair and wedding cake is a BAD combination - you're in the right place...
BONUS FEATURES Enter the Dominatrix/Inside the Bachelor Party - Stifler Speak - Grooming the Groom - Deleted Scenes - Outtakes - Cheesy Wedding Video - Nikki's Hollywood Journal - Feature Commentary with Sean William Scott and Jesse Dylan - Feature Commentary with Jason Biggs, Alyson Hannigan, Eddie Kay Thomas and Thomas Ian Nicholas